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How to Choose a 3D Printer for beginners

3D printing people who are new to the 3D printing technology The biggest challenge is how to choose a 3D printer. We've compiled the following list of 3D printing methods for choosing a printer with the hopes that this list will be useful to those who are just beginning their journey.

This is the best way to select a high resolution 3d printer for the beginner.

The speed of printing with 3D printers is the fastest.

The standards of measurement for 3D printing speed differ based on the manufacturer of rapid prototyping equipment, or the 3D printing process used. Some are used to indicate the amount of time required to print a specific height along the Z-axis (for one 3D printing task) which is usually measured in inches/hour, mm/hour. This technical parameter is used by 3D printers with a stable vertical construction speed. It does not change the complexity of the object or the quantity of parts printed at one time. This type of best 3d printer is an ideal option for printing 3D prototypes, as they can print an enormous amount of models in a short amount of time. This facilitates design communication, discussion and comparison.

Another parameter in the technical realm that is used to measure printing speed is the time it takes to print a specific item or volume. Certain 3D printers print very quickly one simple object, and often utilize this type of indicator. However, if the type of professional 3d scanner experiences an increase in the quantity of prints, or a more complicated structure, the speed of printing will decrease significantly, so it's not ideal for rapid prototyping of prototype models that require high speed printing. The most popular models are fdm printers as well as sla/dlp printers. These are separated into desktop and industrial models, if you are a personal purchase, it is recommended to pick a desktop printer;

Price of a second 3D printer:

This paragraph is for those who are considering purchasing an equipment to service.

The printing cost is typically calculated in units. Even if the same resin 3d printer is utilized, due to the influence on the structure of the part that is molded the cost for a single piece of mold is quite different. The 3D printing quotation is typically given as an average price for printing. It is simple to comprehend. If you need to compare the quotations, you can provide the STL information of your personal classic examples for the supplier to make a quotation, and clearly know what is included and not included in the different quotes, to select the most affordable supplier.

Some companies provide a quote that is only the price of the mold material. It doesn't include any supporting materials, or other costs. It is not a precise and final quote. There are many variables that affect the utilization rates of materials used in 3D printing processes. The cost for actual usage of the material is an important metric for measuring estimates.

The price of the machine is explained here. It is recommended to buy the machine directly from the company's flagship store if buying it online. Avoid purchasing from third-party websites as the manufacturer may still provide discounts or additional consumables.

Accuracy of the 3D printer third:

If it is fdm, the error for the machine is typically between 0.2-0.4 However, it does not eliminate the possibility of a device with an error of 1mm; how to distinguish this, as a novice who doesn't know anything about it and the procedure is simple if you want to know the real error , You can directly search for a model that the seller to to print, and send the finalized model printed to you. You can measure the real error using a caliper. the printing accuracy of this printer with the same cost is similar , and is not too large If you purchase the cheapest model, make sure to skip the trial printing step immediately, or it could be a waste of money.


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